Crier April 2021 Featured HOA Town Creek Crier - July 2021 

Around the Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member & Creek Coordinator

The Yellow-Crowned Night Herons have come back in force this year.  At least 8 nests have been spotted along the creek.  It has been 17 years since that many have been seen.  Be sure to look up as you walk along the path, you will be sure to see them.

Work has begun to permanently fix the drainage issue along the Rocky Branch creek path close to Whitehurst.  Heavy rain would puddle in this low spot on the path, and years of silt build up prevented water from making its way to the creek.  

Several inches of soil were scraped off the area leveling the ground to the path.  Next trenches have been dug from the path to the creek.  Landscape barrier and rocks will be installed create a natural path for rainwater to get to the creek.  Some large rooks were uncovered in the process and will be used to make the area more attractive.  This project is slated to be completed by mid-August.  Many thanks to Jim Garrett, Rick Buferd and Scott Luedke for their hard work in digging out the trenches and relocate the large rocks. 

Many thanks to daily creek walkers Joyce Trecartin and LB Saliba who transplanted many iris bulbs from a nearby demolition site to our creek.  Next spring, we will have many, many more beautiful flowers to enjoy.

Scott Balch of Rocky Branch, owner of Texas Bomanite, brought a crew to power wash paint off the creek path close to Arbor Park Drive.  This project required professional service.  We are fortunate to have Scott as a neighbor, the path looks fantastic!  Thank you Texas Bomanite!

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