Crier April 2021 Featured HOA Presidents Corner 

Your Vote Counts! (Especially Now!)

By Jennifer Duval, 

Town Creek HOA President

Dallas County Elections Judge

Decisions are made by those who show up. So, I hope you will all turn out for either early voting or Election Day. Early voting starting today and lasting through April 27th. You can also vote on Election Day, which is May 1. So no matter your work schedule, there is availability for voting during the week or on Election Day Saturday!

Locations for early voting near Town Creek include

  • Richland College Main Campus – 12800 Abrams Road 
  • Audelia Road Library – 10045 Audelia Rd
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church – 7611 Park Lane
  • Preston Royal Library – 5626 Royal Lane

Early voting hours and the full list of early voting locations are available here

On the ballot this year:

Selection of our city council member for District 10. 

Town Creek has had heavy involvement with Council Member McGough and his office in recent years – not just for speaking events like National Night Out, but for issues like party houses, construction, illegal parking, and speeding. It’s an important office for our neighborhood. This selection is our representative at city hall – someone who decides things like tax rates and budget expenditures that utilize our tax dollars! Candidates for this office are 

  • B. Adam McGough (the incumbent)
  • Sirrano Keith Baldeo (publisher of the Dallas Pulse website)

You can learn more about these candidates through their submitted profiles on the Dallas Morning News voting guide. The DMN’s endorsement is here. (If you can’t access DMN’s content, email me at and I’ll send you screen grabs.)

Proposition A

This proposition would allow people who are not registered to vote to serve on city commissions or boards.

  • Voting “FOR” means you approve of people who are not registered to vote to serve on public impact committees for the city of Dallas.
  • Voting “AGAINST” means you want to keep the mandate that anyone who serves on a committee be a registered voter.

Proposition B

This ballot item would grant non-US citizens the ability to serve on city commissions or boards.

  • Voting “FOR” means you are in favor of non-citizens serving on municipal commissions or boards.
  • Voting “AGAINST” means you prefer for these board members to be U.S. citizens.

Richardson ISD Place 7

Place 7 is one of the two new at-large districts for RISD. We are also represented by our District 5 trustee, Karen Clardy, who is not up for re-election this year. RISD, as you probably know, also makes decisions that directly affect our property tax rate. Candidates for this spot are

  • Nicole Foster
  • Amanda Clair
  • Blake Sawyer
  • Eric Stengel
  • Christopher J. Poteet
  • Gavin Haynes
  • Nicholas Frank LaGrassa

You can learn about the responding candidates here – including how they feel about the bond items below!

Richardson ISD Proposition A

This is a Bond Package in the amount of $694 Million. RISD is one of the seven districts in Texas (out of over 1000 districts) with the highest AAA bond rating and the bonds will be sold at the lowest interest rate possible.

The money will go towards “acquiring, constructing, renovating, improving, and equipping” school buildings or sites for school buildings. The bond would also support “retrofitting school buses with emergency, safety, or security equipment” along with emergency vehicles. 

  • Voting “FOR” this bond package means you support the bond
  • Voting “AGAINST” this bond package indicates you do not support the bond

Richardson ISD Proposition B

This bond package is in the amount of $56 Million. It is for technology updates that will support teachers, students and staff.

  • Voting “FOR” this bond package means you support the bond
  • Voting “AGAINST” this bond package indicates you do not support the bond

There is some confusing verbiage on whether these RISD bonds would increase our tax rates – the RISD informational site indicates there will be no increase in taxes, however our sample ballot clearly states “THIS IS A TAX INCREASE” for each proposition. This disclaimer is a state mandate for balloting of all municipal bond propositions. You can learn more about the bond packages here.

The Dallas County Elections Department is anticipating only an eight percent turnout for this election – with such a low expected turnout, it’s truly an opportunity to make a difference and make your vote count!

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