General Spring 2020 

Local History

By Sue Parma, HOA Board Member-at-Large

Forty Plus Years in Town Creek

After living in Dallas for a couple of years, it was time to find a neighborhood where we really wanted to live. Somehow, while riding around looking at houses, I stumbled into Town Creek. I loved it. Even though it was not the lush, leafy, hidden jewel it is now, it was beautiful. The creek alone was compelling. Now it was only a matter of deciding which house to buy.

The moment I walked into the house that would become ours, I knew it was meant for us. It was decorated in all the “in” colors. The kitchen had shiny orange, white and green wallpaper, the family room had chartreuse carpet, the master bath was an oasis of golden/beige marble and mirrors. What more could one ask for?

Back in the day, my girls walked to Skyview and later Forest Meadow. They formed lasting friendships that are strong and supportive today. As a family we played in the creek, collected tadpoles and raised them on the patio; watching them mature into what they were meant to be.  I remember after a rain one day my older daughter and I walked the creek path. The snails had crawled high onto the leaves to escape the downpour, so she collected them and put them into a pocket of the raincoat her Aunt Joan had lent to her. The following day, she took the snails to Show-and-Tell. That afternoon the teacher called to ask we not do that again. She gave no explanation, but it was probably the slime trails across the classroom carpet.

But the creek remained our playground. The girls would play hide and seek with our dog. They would hide and then we would turn the dog loose to find them. This is before the apartments were built on the other side of Arbor Park and the creek was filled with wonder. It had waterfalls and on the other side old water wells that had been capped. It was densely wooded. There were swimming holes clear enough for us to see the fish. And we were delighted to bring fishing sticks and nets to help us capture a fish or two. There were trees to climb and a high rope swing. Infinite pleasures.

Alas, everyone grows up and moves on to their own life. But the adventures experienced in the creek set the tone for an adventurous life for each of my daughters – everything from parasailing and glacier climbing in the mountains of Austria, canyoning down mountainous creeks, bungee jumping off a bridge in Lourdes, France, hiking in the jungles of Thailand and scuba diving in their beautiful waters.

I have always been grateful to live in Town Creek. My neighbors are my friends. I’ve served on the HOA board for over 20 years.  There are so many fun events and in hard times the good and caring friends of Town Creek stand beside one another. I hope each of you enjoys being a part of our community as much as I have.

P.S. Not moving!!

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