General Spring 2020 

As the Spirit Moves

–By Anne Barab, HOA Board Member-at-Large

Reflections on Shelter-in-Place

Remember when you were young and you and your bestie stared up at the stars and talked about how you’d find True Love, get married, have perfect kids, and live happily ever after?

Remember when you were 8 you wanted to go out and frolic in the rain, but your mother said “No, you’ll get a cold” and at that very moment you resolved to always be the kind of parent who would let your children run wild in the rain and jump in mud puddles, but then you got busy with your career and adulting, and you forgot about it? (It’s rained a lot lately.)

Remember when you met Prince (or Princess) Charming and thought you’d won the lottery and wanted to be with him/her all the time, day-in and day-out, forever and ever, but slowly you came to realize you’d fallen in love with Prince Charming’s PR Department?

Stu & Anne Barab
Proper social distancing was employed in taking this photo

Remember when you wished your Significant Other didn’t work such long hours and could be home 24/7 living the dream with you?

Remember when you envisioned all those DIY projects like painting the spare bedroom, scraping popcorn off the ceilings, or replacing the dirty grout in the shower, but you never actually did them?

Remember when you were so stressed you longed for ME-time to kick back in the Barcalounger and watch TV mindlessly with a bag of Cheetos delicately balanced on your stomach, the remote control glued to your hand?

Remember when you loved cooking a delicious, nutritious gourmet family meal once a week and you ate out the other six days?

Remember when you wished you could sleep until you woke up and work in your pajamas?

Remember when you longed for quiet time so you could think deep thoughts, become a better person, get organized, read the Bible, learn Spanish, write a book, meditate, take a nap and just generally improve upon your already Practically-Perfect-Personage, but you never actually made time to DO any of these things?

Well, today is your lucky day! Thanks to COVID-19 and Shelter-in-Place you now have all the time in the world to make your wishes, wants and dreams come true. Enjoy!

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