General Spring 2020 

Along the Creek

– By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member and Creek Operations Committee Chair

“I guess the tuxedo rental didn’t work out”

Woohoo!  The creek received a much-needed deep cleaning on Saturday, March 21st.  Most unusual find was a pair of tuxedo rental shoes (no cummerbund or bow tie). Due to Coronavirus concerns, the usual coffee and donuts were not served. Instead, there were packaged cupcakes and bottled water. However, no one was there for the food.  Folks came out because they care about the creek.

HOA Board Co-president, Jennifer Duval, extended her personal appreciation for such a great turnout of volunteers and the fantastic job they did:

“Solitude is not, necessarily, a bad thing.”

“I’m amazed that so many of you showed up for clean-up day, March 21st. Thank you to our Creek Coordinator, Kathy Luedke, and all the volunteers who are taking the time to look after this neighborhood gem.”

Those 21 neighbors are:

David Barnes

Paul Gilbert

Glenda Miller

Barkley Miller

Cindy Semach

Jeff Semach

Charlie Badgett

Susanna Gibb-Nemmers

Rhian Gibb Nemmers

Liadan Gibb-Nemmers

Fitz Gibb-Nemmers

Mark Mihm

Jackson Mihm

Claire Reyes

Lilly Reyes

Preston Ballard

Laura Reyes

Dustin Ballard

Emily Luedke

Scott Luedke

Jim Garrett

Additional kudos: To Jim Garrett and Scott Luedke who continued chainsaw work on the two fallen trees at the gabion wall close to Middle Downs. Much progress was made!

Concerns: Although there is evidence that a few neighbors who live on the creek are conscientiously adhering to the notice we sent last month (asking them to please stop dumping yard debris in the creek and to take remedial measures on practices causing mud along the creek paths), there is still considerable dumping going on.

Cancellation: April monthly creek work due to continued COVID-19 guidelines.

What? No donuts?
“And fun was had by all…good job, guys!”
“Every litter bit helps!”

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