Featured Winter 2020 

New Neighbors

-By Karen Stuart, HOA Board Member, New Neighbor Committee

Welcome to 8 New Families!

  • Susana Gibb and Joe Nemmers, Rocky Branch. Moved from White Rock Lake, Royal and Marsh
  • Scotty Parrish, Clover Meadow Dr. Moved from Richardson
  • Christie and Greg Collins, Coral Cove Dr. Moved from Frisco
  • Michelle and David Colville, Robin Meadow Dr. Moved from Los Angeles
  • Carolyn S. McDaniel and Opal Chistler, Whitehurst Dr. Relocated from Ohio in 2018, moved from Birchbrook Dr.
  • Diann and Phil Garnett, Rocky Branch Dr. Moved from other Lake Highlands neighborhood
  • Alex and Sally Ann Rivera, Coral Cove Dr. Moved from lower Greenville
  • Claire and Paul Reyes, Meadowknoll, Moved from another Dallas location

If you are a new neighbor, we would love to come by, meet and welcome you to our great neighborhood.  Contact Karen Stuart, 214-507-7132 / hygienegirl48@yahoo.com

If you are interested in joining the HOA Board and serving as a member of the New Neighbor Committee, please email the HOA’s e-Communications Chair, Judy Sebesta at judy@sebestaonline.com

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