Featured Winter 2020 

Along the Creek

-By Kathy Luedke, HOA board member and Creek Operations

Your HOA dues hard at work

            After two major storms in Dallas last year, many trees along our creek pathway were damaged. Since June, efforts on three fronts have been underway to address the damage; HOA recruited neighbor volunteers, the City of Dallas, and a professional tree service.  After the June 9th storm, our small but committed group of neighbors kicked in and cleared the pathways to make them passable. On several occasions since that time this same group has worked diligently to clear debris in specific hard-hit areas along all paths. This informally organized team of volunteers has appropriately identified themselves as working “For the Love of the Creek.”  They have indicated their intention to continue this work. 

            Although not on the creek, a large tree on Whitehurst (across from Skyview Elementary) had broken and dangling limbs high in the canopy.  After being informed by your HOA, the City of Dallas recognized the tree to be a hazard and performed remedial services. HOA service requests remain with the City to address more areas of the creek, namely broken limbs up high. With our HOA vigilance, I am confident these problem areas will eventually be addressed. 

            For areas of the creek the city would not consider, and which were beyond the ability of our neighborhood volunteers, your HOA hired Lawnscapes of North Texas after considering all bids. On November 21st it took down three large trees that were either dead or damaged by the tornado plus additional clearing work along the creek. We were pleased with both their work and their pricing (which we carefully analyzed since HOA funding was involved). We can recommend them as a source for your personal tree care needs. Owner J. Baker’s number is 972.834.5142

            This year the hardworking neighborhood volunteers, “For the Love of the Creek,” will continue to “chip away” at the debris left in the wake of the two storms.  We will use the debris to create erosion barriers where it makes sense and let City of Dallas bulk trash pick up the rest. If you would like to join these efforts watch for notices in The Town Creek Crier, through email alerts, and on the Town Creek website: www.towncreeklakehighlands.com

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