Fall 2019 Featured Presidents Corner 

President’s Letter

-By Jennifer & Mark Duval

Thanks to Our Amazing HOA Board

This year is quickly winding down – it never ceases to amaze me how a year can feel like it moves fast and slow all at the same time! This year, our neighborhood is blessed to have some wonderful people who’ve committed their time and efforts to the Town Creek HOA Board. I’d like to take time to recognize them (in no specified order). 

The Barabs, Anne and Stu, are incredibly dedicated and stalwart in their devotion to Town Creek. Not only do they serve on the board together, but Stu has spent countless hours working with the Skyview front office to ensure their parking lot plans serve both the neighborhood and the school as well. He keeps tabs on the schools’ changes for pickup and drop-off plans and communicates them regularly. Stu also shares treasurer duties – a big job in and of itself – but also takes the lead on the Crime Watch committee.

Stu’s partner in crime (pun intended) is Judy Sebesta. As the co-leader of the Crime Watch committee for Town Creek, she organized a successful National Night Out event on October 1. She also oversees the database of neighbors, manages billing, and sends out those helpful emails about what’s going on in the neighborhood. I don’t know how she and Stu manage to wear so many hats at once, but they do it with organization and humor and incredible effectiveness. I often feel that Stu and Judy are the lynch pin that hold the entire HOA and Crime Watch organizations together

Jess Wade has taken over the Town Creek Crier and made it a joy to read – both by supplying content he creates and by working with the rest of us to provide columns and articles of interest to the neighborhood. He also volunteered to solicit additional paid advertising from Lake Highlands establishments to run in our 2019 HOA membership directory. Thanks to 2 renewals and 7 new advertisers, the costs for printing the booklet were completely covered. In addition, he donated his time to procure door prizes for our National Night Out event again this year.

Graham Bryant has filled the role of Crime Watch Patrol leader for a few years now, and he does so with care, concern, and good ideas. He’s the liaison with Dallas Police. He keeps up with every transgression in Town Creek – no matter how small – and works with our lead Crime Watch Officer Justin McOskar to mitigate each one. Not only does he stay on top of crime in our neighborhood, but he keeps close tabs on the phone use, duty logs of officers, and the scheduling of the officers. It’s a big job, and one he takes seriously and executes flawlessly

Marty Jones is another great contributor to the Crime Watch program. As the administrator for the Crime Watch program, her organization skills and attention to all details keep it running effectively. She is efficient, she works quickly, and she makes sure all our HOA members have what they need and are getting what they pay for

I can’t say enough good things about Kathy Luedke, our Creek Operations manager. This is her first year in that role, and she has absolutely killed it! She’s worked tirelessly with the city to speed cleanup after devastating storms in June. She’s organized effective creek cleanup events. She refused to go along with the status quo and is constantly looking to improve the way your HOA dues are used to keep the creek path safe and clean. She works with professional landscapers and the city staff to produce the best possible conditions on our beloved creek

Kelly and Mike Arkfeld and Jill Williams took over socials this year, and they’ve done a fabulous job. The Easter Egg hunt was a true delight, and the Halloween carnival was a treat! They have plans for new and different events, so stay tuned. You won’t want to miss out!

Karen Stuart oversees welcoming new neighbors to Town Creek, and I know she makes each of them feel incredibly welcome. I must point out that “new neighbors” is usually a two-person job, but she’s been flying solo most of this year and doing a fantastic job. We really appreciate her being the Town Creek welcoming committee (of one)

This is the second year Meg Yagelski has consented to serve as our board secretary. Her record-keeping is always helpful and her input always valuable. She has been a real asset to our neighborhood and our organization. And she does it all with two (really) little ones

Derrich Phillips has been a breath of fresh air to our HOA board. He’s a veteran, he’s a new dad, he’s a published author, and runs his own organization to promote mentorship. As our Lake Highlands liaison, he’s done a wonderful job keeping us up to date on what’s going on in our area. He’s also an amazing example of how to establish a great work/life balance.

Karen Wong is our technical maven – she brought our website, Facebook page, and our newsletter into the 21st century. Her technical savvy and web skills have improved the way we communicate our events and issues, and we appreciate her time and expertise so much. Even as a mom with young kids, she has put in the hours to make sure we have all the tech tools that allow all of us to do our jobs better.

Sue Parma is an indelible member of our board who always provides us with helpful background from the perspective of long-term Town Creek residents. She is generous with her time and consistently willing to open her home for board meetings. She’s an invaluable member of our organization

Our Skyview liaison this year is Lizzy McKnight, who was also co-president with Brooke Rohmer last year. Not only did she help Mark and me with the transition to being the president couple, she’s been a wonderful advocate for the Skyview school, keeping us posted on their goings-on and the things we can do to help the school (and by extension, Town Creek) be more successful.

Glenda Miller is a member at large who has been very giving with her time and advocacy for the neighborhood. We appreciate her willingness to serve and her input at meetings. She’s a great asset for our HOA board

Last, but in no ways least, is Brian Poff. He has shared treasurer duties with Stu Barab this year, and we are so grateful for him and his immaculate bookkeeping. He committed to this role again this year after years of providing the board this same service. This despite numerous family commitments (a lot of you know what that’s like)! As the board’s “money man” he helps make sense of the dollars and cents. Along with Stu, Brian makes sure your membership dues are put to the best possible use.

I hope you all will join me in showing some appreciation for these incredible neighbors who really help make Town Creek a remarkable place. Nobody on your board gets paid to participate – they all put in their time because they love our neighborhood and want it to thrive.

If you are also one of these people, and have a heart for volunteerism, please get involved by emailing me at Jennifer_Duval@iCloud.com and let me know a little about yourself!

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