Fall 2019 General 

T.C. Curmudgeon

-T.C. Curmudgeon

Observations around the neighborhood

I’ll bet you’ve noticed how well our neighborhood is kept up! Spring and summer growing seasons are times when it’s most obvious. And at my age and with my disposition, being obvious is necessary. Lawns are mowed and trimmed. Trees are pruned, and flower beds maintained – some with gorgeous colors. Now we’ve moved into fall and it will be interestin’ to see the leaves change and smell the wood smoke from the fireplaces that are still burning real logs (I sure miss our wood burner my lovely wife talked me out of last year).

But you know what? Not everything is up to date in Town Creek. This old man has noticed a growing number of people who use their cars to bully through stop signs. It’s like they expect other cars at the intersection to know they’re ‘coming through.’ For sure these are transient types, don’t you think? Just passin’ through on their way to someone else’s neighborhood. I’m wondering if another BIG sign installed below the sign that says “STOP” would help. I vote that it read, “THIS MEANS YOU, TURKEY.”

And whatdaya think about the litterbugs messin’ things up? Probably, the same turkeys running our STOP signs. Sure, I know, typically, our neighborhood is clean and well-kempt. Beautiful streets and so forth. But, occasionally, I see a can or plastic bottle along the curb, and loose sheets of paper and candy wrappers blowin’ around. Then there are articles of clothing laying in the street, or Styrofoam cups and fast food sacks, apparently dropped from cars. Sure, the crows and coyotes love the stuff. But sure ticks me off. Undoubtedly, the school kids are responsible for some of it, but we can expect that…they’re kids. But stuff dropped out of cars just cruisin’ through day and night is another issue.

Who are these people? I saw one the other day. Caught him red-handed as he dropped a sack and drink out his driver-side window as we waited in the drive-thru at a near-by fast food joint. After I honked and got no response, I leaned out and said something like, “Don’t be a jerk. Please pick up the trash you just tossed.” My lovely wife was beside herself and practically yelling at me to close the window and, not too diplomatically, encouraging me to mind my own business. “Old man, you’ll get shot, you’ll get shot,” she was shouting as I closed the window.

“I asked him courteously,” I countered rather sheepishly.

Anyhow, having said all this about stop sign bullies and litterbugs, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Town Creek has been our home for many, many, many years. It’s a community of some of the best neighbors on Earth. And that’s most important to an ol’ cuss like me. Don’tya know?

T.C. Curmudgeon

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