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T.C. Curmudgeon

-T.C. Curmudgeon

Vol. 1, No. 3

When my granddaughter was around 6 and I years younger, we would enjoy at least one walk along the creek path during each of her brief visits. I was both rewarded and amazed by her imagination working in high gear. She was quick to create names for the changing environs as we explored its length. The best I remember, she claimed as her own the Bamboo Forest, the Monkey’s Jungle, The Cliffs, Vampire Lookout, and her favorite, the big house at the turn-around on Arbor Park, Gryffindor. Frequently, a walker or two would approach with their dog(s) on leash and she would describe them as incredibly dangerous and how lucky we were it wasn’t lunchtime.

Later, the two of us could talk about these places and the monsters we had seen as if they were real. No one else in the family understood and that made it quite fun for both of us…and memorable for me.

Although I don’t walk the paths much anymore, I know many of you do. Ideally, you are doing it often while you still can. In practical terms the paths belong to our Town Creek community. And community means the paths are there for all of us to enjoy whenever we have the yen.

Back in my day, community meant a group of neighbors who shared common interests. And responsibilities as well; keeping the community safe, clean, and “up-to-snuff.” That meant jumpin’ in and filling the gaps when needed. Also, pitching in when money was needed for the creek paths or other community features or events. Sadly, seems to me like we’ve lost some of that spirit of community here in Town Creek.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a crusty ol’ cuss and want things to be more like they used to be. But it was disturbing to me the other day when a couple of my older counterparts in the neighborhood were complaining. Each of their complaints were similar; talking about reduced HOA activities and money to pay for police patrols and such. Never once did the fact we are members of a community that could use support from all enter the conversation…until yours truly, ol’ T.C., pointed it out. I encouraged ‘em to get with the program and support the neighborhood.

Sadly, I think the lack of community spirit has infected a lot of the younger people too. Webster’s dictionary (yes, the one on my desk) defines community as “people with common interests living in a specified area; a group of people with common characteristics within a larger society.”  I believe Town Creek is still a neighborhood community. We just need more of our neighbors to demonstrate they believe it too.

T.C. Curmudgeon

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