Spring 2019 

Town Creek Green

-By Jill Williams, HOA Board member

Doggy Etiquette

Spring has sprung and dog owners can be seen taking their pet(s) on ever-longer walks. And, as most of us know, walking is good exercise for both man and beast. In Town Creek, whether walking the neighborhood or along the creek path, it can also be fun.

So, how is the experience enhanced or worsened?  The answer to both is by the dog walker – who either scoops his/her pet’s poop (enhanced), or, leaves the poop for others to scoop (worsened).

How is your doggy etiquette? And if you hire a walker, how is their doggy etiquette?  It’s a fair question because there is obvious evidence (on lawns, sidewalks, streets, and the creek path itself) that not every dog walker knows and follows the rules. Don’t underestimate the amount of animosity failure to scoop your dog’s poop (no matter the size of the dog) can cause among your neighbors.  No one likes to find “piles of poop” from unknown sources when working in the yard.

Before leaving the subject, all of us can use a reminder that a city ordinance requires dog owners/walkers to carry a bag to scoop-the-poop. That’s right. If you do not have means to dispose of your dog’s offerings you could get a citation from your friendly neighborhood Animal Services Officer. And just FYI, your TC HOA provides free “Biodegradable Pick-up Mitts” in user-friendly dispensers along the creek path. Very convenient.

You don’t need to consult Emily Post on this. Just do your part to make walking your dog around Town Creek as enjoyable as possible. Thank you for helping keep Town Creek clean, beautiful and a little bit greener!

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