Along the Creek

-By Kathy Luedke, Creek Operations

Along the Creek

As I write this, the City of Dallas seems to love our creek as much as we do – they don’t seem to want to say goodbye.  They are back to finish up the retaining wall project.  Officially, the scope includes “rock rip, seeding, and restoring the creek bed.”  Scheduled for the week of April 8th, the equipment should be moved out by the time you read this. 

Sightseeing: As you walk north along the path behind the houses on Rocky Branch, look high in the trees for the returning Yellow Crowned Night Herons.   I have seen two, and other neighbors have reported seeing more.  Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on these fascinating migrating birds:    They seem to like our creek for the food source (crustaceans) and the high tree branches for nesting.   Look for their nests on branches way out over the water, and once the eggs hatch you will be able to see the babies moving about. Be sure to take your binocular.

The wildlife in the creek is abundant, and we would love to see pictures in our fall newsletter report.  Send to Jess Wade, Crier editor, at

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