General Winter 2019 

T.C. Curmudgeon

By T. C. Curmudgeon

Don’t know about you but I’ve been slow to use the website.

This reluctance has cost me big time. I’ve missed out on some useful gossip, some news (unsure how important it was), and two events where I could have met new people and presumably had fun (so they told me later). I quit stomping my feet long ago, but I’m a little more than capsized over this. Not that I’m too old to learn new tricks (lol), just not picking up on “the web” and “social media” as quickly as most people these days.

That being said, I set my mind to it, did it, and look what I’ve discovered:

  1. First, you’ve got to get on the website. Moot point since you’re already there. Now, take time to explore, explore, explore.
  2. There are standard Home Page “Features” at the top of the page you can click on. And a full list of subject matter on the left side of the page. Click on anything on the list and, automatically, you have access.
  3. Once you realize you can do this without breaking out in a cold sweat, play around. And it’s okay to look at the pictures (there are lots of pictures). Have fun reading the news, learning about events, local crime statistics (most interesting), and what your neighbors are up to.
  4. Sure, some of the info is dated and repetitious. Just consider it archival.
  5. Don’t forget, this “Newsletter” you’re reading is updated quarterly.
  6. Personally, I like to check out “Pet Watch,” Neighborhood Clubs,” (you may want to start one of your own – any drone hobbyists out there?), “Neighborhood Eats,” and “Events.”
  7. Also, found helpful “Frequently Asked Questions,” the “Bulk Trash Schedule” and “HOA Bylaws,” (spend a couple of minutes with this document and learn behind the-scene stuff. You’ll get an idea of the “value received” for your HOA dues).
  8. Also, if you are a history buff like me, check out the section “About Town Creek.” You’ll find interesting history of our area neighborhoods with links to videos produced by Ted A. Campbell, a resident of Forest Meadow.
  9. In tandem with the website is the Town Creek Facebook page…whoa! Check it out and you’ll
  10. want to bookmark:

So, go ahead ye-old fogies (wouldn’t hurt you young-uns, either), invest in your neighborhood. Get to know it and find out what’s happening when and to whom. Remember, “The more you learn, the more interesting you become.”

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