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Lake Highlands Update

By Derrich Phillips, HOA Board, Lake Highlands Liaison

Richardson Independent School District agrees to 5 single-member districts with 2 at-large trustees after settling a lawsuit that alleged RISD board focused more resources on students and schools in prosperous areas of the district, which, according to the lawsuit, led to an “egregious achievement gap.”

Richardson ISD School Board President Justin Bono says there are still unanswered questions for Lake Highlands trustees.  The three live less than a mile from each other near Moss Haven Elementary and are unlikely to be able to continue serving together now that the district has agreed to implement five single-member districts (SMDs) and elect two at-large trustees. Bono didn’t say how the group might determine which trustee(s) might bow out or whether they might end up running against each other in a future district race. RISD will ask the court to delay until November its May election, which brings three seats to voters. Karen Clardy announced Thursday she’ll run for re-election from either a new LH district or an at-large position. Justin Bono and Jean Bono (not related) each live in Lake Highlands and have unexpired terms yet to complete.

The board plans to finalize the plan with a vote at their February 4th meeting. See additional details along with a proposed RISD map using the following link:  https://lakehighlands.advocatemag.com/2019/01/risd-agreed-to-5-single-member-districts-education/

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