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August Crime Watch Report

It’s time for school, football, cooler weather and all of the other great things that come with fall. Evidently it is also time for a lot of rain… For whatever reason, when school is in session, there tends to be more crime and other incidents in the neighborhood. Let’s all plan to be vigilant and work together to keep the bad guys at bay this fall.

Text Messaging Suspicious Activity


Texting photos or messages to the patrol officers is an efficient way to report any suspicious activity, although we have discovered that SMS and MMS text protocols vary between carriers — and, do not always play well together. If you send a text to the patrol number and do not receive a return confirmation, please try to call their number. Phone calls always connect.


ENP (“Extended Neighborhood Patrol”) Crime Report



The FBI has recently posted the nationwide crime stats for 2017 

Click here to view those statistics.


VIP (“Volunteers In Patrol”) Crime Report

The Volunteers in Patrol program is designed to reduce crime by having citizens patrol their own neighborhoods in their own vehicles and reporting any suspicious or criminal activity to the police by calling 911. All volunteers must attend the required training course. Most training classes are offered at the seven substations and usually last between 2 to 4 hours and are NON-CONFRONTATIONAL.


Town Creek-Forest Meadows neighborhoods now have 24 DPD-trained VIP individuals. Each month, these neighbors provide an additional 15 to 20 hours of patrol time to keep our neighborhood safe. A presence is important and can be a deterrent. Our VIP patrols quite often observe open garage doors, contact the homeowner and resolve the situation.

We must thank Mark Duval, our neighborhood VIP coordinator who initiated this program and has continued to encourage additional neighbors to take the training and volunteer to patrol.

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