December 2017 Featured Presidents Corner 

‘Tis the Season

As we get ready to celebrate the season of big holidays and celebrations, we also are winding down our year as your HOA Presidents. It has been a delight serving in this role for the past two years. We have met and developed relationships with so many people that we probably would not have had we not served in this capacity. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.

Our efforts at leading the HOA Board of Directors came with ease as we entrusted so many of the board’s functions to very capable, talented and dedicated individuals who gave much time and effort in serving our neighborhood in their various roles.

Graham Bryant oversees our Crime Watch (CW) patrol, fielding questions and concerns from residents and maintaining regular communication with the lead patrol officer. Judy Sebesta maintains the database of membership for the HOA and CW program, preparing invoices and keeping the record up to date. Judy stays alert to happenings in our neighborhood, then drafts and sends the eBlast communications of relevant, timely, and, sometimes, urgent information. Stu Barab creates reports of data generated from the database and treasurer’s report to keep the board up to date on the status of membership and other relevant occurrences in our neighborhood. Steve Hodges works with Judy and Stu to encourage an increase in participation in both the HOA and CW. Brian Poff diligently watches over the HOA and Crime Watch programs funds. And every two weeks he prepares and distributes pay checks for our patrol officers. Marty Jones sends out hundreds of pieces of mail generated each year related to HOA and CW membership. Mark Duval planned the informative CW events had this year. He was also instrumental in starting the Volunteers in Patrol program here and continues to oversee and work to build the program.  All of these folks are part of the Crime Watch Advisory committee that meets once a month (in addition to the HOA meetings) with representatives from Forest Meadow to assess the CW program and brainstorm how to make it better. And the time commitment does not stop there. There is often a lot of research going on between meetings.

Jennifer Duval records the HOA meeting minutes and sends them to the board for review. Steve Stolte works with the city on repairs and structural issues with our creek. He oversees the upkeep of the creek area. Steve even helps out neighbors when trees fall on their fences. Brooke Rohmer, Karen Stuart and Joan Parma planned numerous well-attended social events this year—the Easter Egg Hunt and several adult socials. They are currently working on the Christmas Caroling Hay Ride through the neighborhood to occur later this month. The big social event of the year was the Halloween Carnival. Brooke single-handedly did most of the prep work that went into that event (i.e., obtaining city permits, lining up entertainment, gathering and organizing volunteers, structuring the event), with the help of Karen Stuart and Ann Cox who oversaw the food service. It turn out to be a great event despite the last minute location change to the Forest Meadow Junior High gym. Brooke also helped organize several street socials in the neighborhood. She was a busy girl!

Marilyn Moss and Ann Cox, our New Neighbors Committee, have personally visited virtually every individual and family who moved into Town Creek this year and then organized a meet-and-greet for those folks to get to know one another.  As a result of their efforts, the vast majority of the new residents joined the HOA and CW program.

Karen Wong updated our website to be an informative tool for our neighborhood. She also maintains our Facebook page, posting about relevant news and upcoming events. She and Sarah Harper worked to transition our printed Crier into the digital version that is now sent to your inboxes each month. Sarah creates every publication of the Town Creek Crier with articles and information provided by other board members and information from community clubs. Jason and Tina Ladewig served as the Lake Highlands liaisons attending Lake Highlands or District 10 sponsored events, informing us of news that impacted Town Creek. Cinco Sorrow, our liaison with Skyview Elementary, kept us apprised of opportunities to serve and assist our neighborhood school. Jim and Cindy Waits are currently in the process of assembling and publishing the Directory to be distributed to members next year, attempting to update outdated or missing information.

Lizzy McKnight and Brooke, the current Vice-Presidents/Presidents-Elect, have been working with us to become familiar with the role of president, as they ready themselves to take on that position in 2018. For the first time ever, next year’s HOA board will be headed by a partnership of two families in Town Creek. Brooke and her husband, Drew, have lived in the neighborhood for several years, as have Lizzy and her husband, Lewis, along with their toddler. Both are young professionals with great ideas for how to move the neighborhood forward and promote community among residents. We’re excited to see where they lead us.

As we share our accolades for these folks I hope you realize the various functions that the HOA board provides to the neighborhood. It takes not only people-power, but also funds. The HOA and Crime Watch dues received every year fund the activities the board organizes and oversees and the functions they perform. Please keep that in mind when you receive your invoice for 2018 dues. Watch you inbox for those invoices coming to you via email this year. Make it your New Year’s resolution to join both the HOA and CW program to further the interests of our neighborhood and build camaraderie among neighbors. Then take advantage of the opportunities available for fellowship.

As we wind down our last letter as the President couple, again, we want to thank you all for the opportunity to lead this neighborhood for the past two years. We are leaving you in good hands with the in-coming board and Co-Presidents for 2018.

May this holiday season end your year on a cheerful note and make way for a delightful New Year.

Blessings to you and your family,

Sheri & Van Littrell

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