Crime Watch December 2017 

November Crime Watch Report

Hello Town Creek Residents!


I am pleased to report that we continue to be on target to have the best year in quite a few years in terms of reduced numbers of criminal incidents in the neighborhood.  The number of crimes in the neighborhood is currently down more than 40% from last year.  We would like this trend to continue for a very long time.


As we are now into the holiday season, we anticipate more suspicious foot traffic through the neighborhood as well as crime.  In recent years there have been packages stolen from porches throughout the entire Lake Highlands area.  Many of the perpetrators will follow the delivery trucks or merely drive the streets looking for packages.  As you order items for delivery, you may want to consider shipping to a different location, such as your place of business, or plan to be home during the period when deliveries are expected and check the porch frequently.


There continue to be people that walk through the neighborhood day and night looking for easy opportunities.  Please do not make it easy for them by keeping all of your doors and windows locked, yard gates locked, garage doors closed, and please park your cars in the garage overnight if possible.  This month a suspicious person was reported, identified, and arrested in our neighborhood for outstanding criminal warrants.


In recent months, there has been a resurgence of mail theft / mail tampering.  If you witness this activity firsthand, please call Crime Watch immediately and then call the police.  The United States Postal Service will only seriously investigate mail theft / mail tampering if there has been an increase in reported problems within a given area.  We need to get those incidents reported.


Town Creek / Forest Meadow Criminal incidents in November:


November 11, in the 9400 block of Rocky Branch, stolen vehicle

November 21, in the 9200 block of Medowknoll, suspect ran over complainant’s foot and fled the scene

November 30, in the 9400 block of Timberleaf, unknown female removed package from front porch


Calls to Crime Watch Officers in November:

  • Suspicious Persons 21
  • Suspicious Persons Located and Asked to Leave 10
  • Open Garage Doors 0
  • False Alarm 0
  • Nuisance in the area 5


Other notable incidents in the neighborhood:

November 9, report of a drone flying in backyards near Moss Farm

November 15, report of report of gunshots near apartments southwest of the neighborhood

November 15, reports of alleys blocked by parents’ cars near Skyview

November 17, a call regarding a suspicious person in the neighborhood resulted in the location, identification and subsequent arrest of the man, as he had outstanding criminal warrants in the City of Dallas.

November 18, report of report of gunshots near Spring Hollow


Again, this month several door-to-door solicitors were identified in the area and found noncompliant regarding required permits and allowable hours of operation.  Those identified by our patrol officers have been asked to leave the neighborhood.  This continues to be a problem in the area.

Please never hesitate to call the Crime Watch officers or 911 to report suspicious activity.  Notifying Crime Watch or 911 of suspicious activity can help prevent problems before crimes are committed, and it sends a message to any people with bad intentions that this is not a neighborhood for criminal opportunity.  Everyone stay safe, stay vigilant, and have a wonderful time with friends and family during this holiday season!!

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