December 2017 Featured 

Skyview says “Thank You!”

A couple of weeks before the Thanksgiving break, Skyview Elementary asked the Town Creek community for donations of turkeys to send home with students for their family to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Their goal was 20 to 25 turkeys. The HOA’s Skyview Liaison, Cinco Sorrow, saw that the word got out via our Constant Contact and Facebook page, NextDoor and personal soliciting. Town Creek responded to the call. A total of 84 turkeys were donated! Skyview was thrilled and responded as follows:

“You guys showed up and showed out! Final office count is 84 turkeys: YOU READ RIGHT, 84 TURKEYS! You are an amazing group of people with really big hearts. The families of Skyview are extremely lucky to have such generous people going out of their way for strangers. The faculty is even more appreciative as folks stepped in to assure our babies would have a festive holiday.

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Words cannot express the gratitude and tears of joy shared here today, thanks to you.”


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