Crime Watch Featured October 2017 

Neighborhood Crime Watch and Safety Event


Bats on your back porch? Squirrels gnawing at your siding? Armadillos trying to move into your yard and not offering to pitch in on the mortgage?  Our neighborhood is home to humans and animals alike and our abundant and beautiful green spaces can be a welcome attraction to a host of varied species.  While it can be fun and relaxing to watch them play and frolic, when they invade our beautiful homes and yards they can be damaging and dangerous. There are things we can do to minimize their destruction while we co-exist.  

 Join your neighbors at the annual National Night Out on October 3 in the Skyview Elementary Cafeteria for a presentation by 911 Wildlife on the various wildlife in our neighborhood and things we can all do to lessen the chance of a close encounter.  The event starts at 6:30 pm and all are welcome to attend.


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