Featured June 2017 Presidents Corner 

We Remember

It was almost a year ago that our fair city made national news as the protectors and enforcers of peace were gunned down in cold blood, wounded and killed. A couple of months ago I, Sheri, attended a VIP (volunteers in patrol) training by DPD Northeast Division’s Officer Kevin Kelley, who spoke of that infamous day in July and the valiant efforts of the police officers, emergency medical personnel, and 911 dispatchers. It is still very fresh and raw to our officers. He directed us to a YouTube video playing the scanner broadcast from that night. I listened to it, and it brought chills.

It’s been a tough couple of years for our nation, our city, even our communities, as we strive to live among and relate to those who look different, those who come from different backgrounds or cultures or socio-economics, those with different political or religious beliefs. But what generally unites is a common cause, one we can all rally around. Showing support for our officers, firefighters and emergency response teams is such a cause. We encourage you to remember their efforts, contributions and sacrifices as we approach the anniversary of that dreadful day last July 7th.

And while you’re in the mind set of remembrance, don’t forget that day back in 1776 when our nation’s forefathers declared independence from the motherland. Like children leaving the nest in pursuit of their freedom, autonomy and self-sufficiency, our nation has seen highs and lows, victories and losses, shown maturity, acted with juvenility. It never ceases to amaze me that our great land is less than 250 years old, a youngster comparatively speaking. Those of us older folk can attest to the fact that one never stops evolving—hopefully growing and becoming better, kinder, more thoughtful, impactful, beneficial—as we face the ever changing world around us. We, as a nation and individually, can use some divine guidance in this journey ,and now is a good time to seek it.

I don’t know about you, but a significant person in our personal development has been our dad. Last month we celebrated Mom. In June is the day set aside for Dad. We hope you have some fun and meaningful family time planned with him. Let him know how much you value him. Too often dads get lectured on how to be a better parent instead of celebrated for the contributions they’ve made.

The HOA Board takes a break in July, so you will not be receiving a Crier that month. So please make note of HOA-sponsored events and community happenings coming up in June and July that are referenced below. Remember to check the Town Creek website for updates and watch your inbox for e-Blasts.

Have a great summer!

Sheri and Van Littrell

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