April 2017 Presidents Corner 

Hope Springs

Many years ago my (Sheri’s) life was dramatically changed when one morning in early March I pulled out of my garage, glanced to my right and caught a glimpse of white dots all over the Bradford Pear tree in my front yard. I stopped the car and just stared at it, my mind racing with what all those little buds symbolized. The grass, the shrubs, the neighbor’s trees all still seemed fast asleep in their winter slumber, maybe even gone. But those little white buds meant winter had almost passed and spring was afoot. It was more than a sign of changing weather patterns. It symbolized to me the ever changing seasons of life. What once seemed devoid of life was now awakening. Where life was lacking, now birthed something new. Thus was beginning the season of hope. Where there is life there is hope.

This new or renewed life is seen throughout our neighborhood as bright green leaves surface and fill the once void spaces, the Photinias and Japanese maples set the landscapes ablaze, flowerbeds blossom into palettes of bright color. Folks emerge from hibernation to work in their yards, foot traffic picks up on the creek path outside our house, we take to dining on our deck. It seems we’re all longing to get out and enjoy the beauty of life surfacing all around us. But may this new season bring something more. We hope that from the burgeoning animation among us neighbors will become friends, that the demonstration of our camaraderie will draw others, that new families will feel welcome, that we will render assistance when needed and rejoice together in victories, that we will use our resources—whatever they may be—to better the lives of those within our reach. How delighted we will be if you would join us in bringing this hope to reality.

Our HOA is hosting and participating in events coming up this month that will get us started on that journey.

Coming up this month . . .

It’s that time of year for Town Creek’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is always a family favorite. Hope you can join us April 9 at the Skyview playground, 3 p.m.  This one event demands prompt arrival.  Every year we have people show up at 3:10 and the hunt is over.  We hate seeing the disappointment on the face of the kids so please be mindful that if you are 10 minutes late you are too late for the hunt but can enjoy the other activities. There will be tasty treats and fun trinkets for the kids to take home. Don’t forget to get photos with the Easter Bunny.

We are all invited to the Skyview Harmony Garden Earth Day Fair, at the school on April 22, 5:00 pm. Enjoy live music, food trucks, garden demos, games, and fun for the whole family.

Twice a year the HOA orchestrates a community-wide Creek Clean-Up for the part of the creek that runs through our neighborhood. This is such a gem for our area, it is unfortunate it can get trashy. Please help us restore and maintain its beauty. (By the way, this is a great opportunity to explore the thicket and creek bed if you haven’t done that before. You can forget you are in the big city. I did that last year and was amazed. I also got down in the creek bed by myself and was afraid I couldn’t get out. So, please go in pairs). Wear your boots and gloves, oh, and bug spray. We will provide garbage bags. We ask you to check in at the table set up at the creek walk entrance on Middle Downs. See you April 29, 9:30 am.

Wishing you a hope-filled season that ushers in a newness of life.


Sheri & Van Littrell

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