February 2017 General 

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District 10 City Councilman, Adam McGough, has announced he will run for re-election to represented District 10 and the City of Dallas for another term. City council elections are set for May 6.

2017 City Bond Package. At a recent community meeting hosted by Councilman McGough, he announced that voting on the proposed 2017 Bond Package will likely be moved to November. The bulk of this bond package goes to the repair of city streets and infrastructure, as well as other city-wide projects, most of which are in areas other than District 10.  Projects within District 10 include erosion control along the creek in Town Creek at Branch Hollow and Middle Downs. Other projects of likely significance to most of us is the LJB at Skillman interchange and replacement of the Forest Green Branch Public Library (at Forest & Greenville). You can find a list of all D10 projects included in the bond, at this point, here: http://gis.dallascityhall.com/bond/council.htm?district=10. Councilman McGough is seeking input on other projects within District 10. Those he is considering include construction of a Senior Center, expansion of the Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center, and Flag Pole Hill improvements.

McGough says it is possible for a split bond packages—one in May to address streets and another in November for other projects. As of right now, remaining steps for completing the bond program:

Decide the date of the bond election
Decide on citywide projects  — May 17th
Finish selecting district projects – June 9th
Seat new council – June 19th
Second round of public meetings – July
Public hearing – August 2nd
Amendment of draft bond program – August 2nd
Call election – August 9th
Bond election – November 6.


Skillman at I-635, reported to be the most dangerous intersection in Dallas and 18th overall in Texas. According to a joint study by the North Texas Central Council of Governments and the City of Dallas, this intersection could be severely limiting our area’s potential for economic growth. Plans are underway to realign the Skillman bridge, which experts say will improve conditions and safety. According to Councilman McGough: “The most dangerous intersection in Dallas is also the greatest intersection of opportunity. A new signature bridge, re-aligned intersections & safety pedestrian and traffic enhancements along with over 29 acres of open land connected to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) station provides a great opportunity for economic development.”

Resource: http://lakehighlands.advocatemag.com/2017/01/dangerous-intersection-dallas-no-surprise-lake-highlands-drivers/; https://www.facebook.com/AdamMcGoughD10/?fref=ts


Curious about the Dallas Police Fire Pension? Check out the city website with background and additional information to stay informed: http://savethepension.com


City of Dallas Community Response Team training to begin February 18

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is offering another round of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes for neighborhoods, community organizations and workplaces starting Feb. 18. The free classes are taught by OEM emergency personnel and cover basic emergency response skills.

CERT training sessions will cover disaster preparedness, light search and rescue, team organization, disaster psychology, terrorism and CERT, fire safety, disaster medical operations and more.

Here’s the schedule of classes:

Saturday February 18
Dallas Fire-Rescue Training Academy, 5000 Dolphin Road
8-10 a.m. | Unit 1 Disaster Preparedness
10-11:15 a.m. | Unit 2 Fire Safety
11:15 a.m. – noon | Lunch
12-5 p.m. | Unit 3 Disaster Medical Operations Part 1
Unit 4 Disaster Medical Operations Part 2

Saturday February 25
Dallas Fire-Rescue Training Academy, 5000 Dolphin Road
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Unit 5 Search and Rescue
12-1 p.m. | Lunch
1-2 p.m. | Unit 7 Psychology
3-3:30 p.m. | Unit 8 Terrorism
3:30-5 p.m. | Unit 6 CERT Organization

Saturday March 4
Dallas Fire-Rescue Training Academy, 5000 Dolphin Road
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Unit 9 Course Review & Disaster Simulation

To learn more about CERT and to sign up for a class visit: http://dallascityhall.com/departments/officeemergencymanagement/Pages/CERT-Training.aspx


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