Crime Watch February 2017 

December Crime Watch Report

Hello Town Creek Residents!  As you will notice in the report below, we continue to have more criminal activity in the area than normal.  Call, Call, Call.  More crime can be prevented or stopped in its tracks if our officers received more timely calls regarding suspicious activity.  The Dallas Police have realized that timely calls and information are a great way to prevent or intervene in crime, and they have subsequently raised the priority of such calls in Dallas.  We have always felt that way about our Crime Watch patrol.  The officers cannot do much unless they are contacted.

I know that many people are concerned about “bothering” the police or Crime Watch with such calls, however, they will be the first to tell you to call them and let them sort it out.  Our Crime Watch patrol officers welcome the calls and information.  On occasion, a call regarding a suspicious person can assist in the arrest of someone connected with a nearby crime.

If you need assistance, want to report a suspicious person, or report a crime, our Crime Watch officers should be the first call since they are in the neighborhood, and your second call should be 911.  If a Crime Watch officer is not on duty, please leave a message and dial 911.  The next officer on duty will call you, and if one is on duty, he will welcome the backup dispatched by 911.

Month Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct
Suspicious Persons 21
Suspicious Persons Asked to Leave 10
Open Garage 2
False Alarm 2
Nuisance 8


Town Creek / Forest Meadow Criminal incidents in December:

  • December 7, in the 9400 block of Timberleaf, theft-burglary of a motor vehicle
  • December 10, in the 9400 block of Spring Hollow, burglary of a motor vehicle, suspect entered pickup truck and removed property
  • December 10, in the 9400 block of Spring Hollow, burglary of a motor vehicle, suspect entered SUV and removed property
  • December 29, in the 9600 block of Arborhill, stolen vehicle

Please never hesitate to call the Crime Watch officers or 911 to report suspicious activity.  Notifying Crime Watch or 911 of suspicious activity can help prevent problems before crimes are committed, and it sends a message to any people with bad intentions that this is not a neighborhood for criminal opportunity.

Stay safe!

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